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  • Review Shiftlings (PlayStation 4)

    Janitors of the Galaxy

    Co-op titles are all the rage nowadays – and in Shiftlings, this is certainly the name of the game. In it, two alien janitors happen across a special drink known as Black Hola Cola, and when one of the extraterrestrials gulps the syrupy substance, his suit inflates like Violet from Willy Wonka. Funnily enough, the characters...

  • News Size Really Does Matter in PS4 Platformer Shiftlings


    They say that size doesn't matter, but in forthcoming PlayStation 4 indie Shiftlings, it means everything. Taking charge of two connected creatures, you'll be able to transfer your heft between the duo, introducing plenty of head scratching puzzle potential. The platformer – developed by Norwegian studio Rock Pocket Games – also boasts a...