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  • Review NBA 2K19 (PS4)

    Find a new slant

    It gets lonely at the top. The NBA 2K franchise has been the undisputed king for almost a decade now when it comes to virtual basketball. Long gone are the days of being the plucky underdog who scrapped for years, slowly but surely chipping away at EA’s vast, seemingly untouchable, video game sporting kingdom. NBA 2K is now the...

  • Gamescom 2018 NBA 2K19 Attracts Hollywood Talent for Story Mode

    Hollyoaks talent, too

    The story modes in sports games have become bigger budget productions in recent years, and NBA 2K19 is no exception. 2K Sports has attracted some pretty big names for ‘The Way Back’, which will see you working your way through the Chinese Basketball League and back into the NBA. Among some of the stars are Anthony Mackie...