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  • Review Minit (PS4)

    Full minute hero

    Minit is the adventure game distilled down to its purest and simplest form. Developed by a team of independent developers whose combined credits include Horizon: Zero Dawn, Celeste, and Nuclear Throne, this is a top-down, open world adventure game you play a minute at a time. It doesn't sound like it should work, but it somehow does...

  • News Minit, the 60 Second Adventure Game, Announced for PS4

    Spare a minute

    Devolver Digital has a knack for publishing games that are either delightfully obscure or just plain brilliant, and Minit looks to be no different. Announced via the PlayStation Blog, this intriguing adventure game is an open-ended title with lots of NPCs to help, secrets to discover, and items to find. The catch is that the sword...