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    Review Lumines Remastered

    Lumines beings are we

    Rhythm games have a long and storied history throughout gaming, and Tetsuya Mizuguchi is one of the most important creators tied to it, having created such masterpieces as Rez, Child of Eden, the upcoming – and incredible looking – Tetris Effect, and of course Lumines. So it’s cause for celebration that the...

  • News Lumines Remastered Delayed, Will Drop onto PS4 in June

    Block party

    We love a bit of Lumines here at Push Square Towers, so Lumines Remastered on PS4 is set to be a great opportunity to get reacquainted with this wonderful puzzler. However, we'll be waiting slightly longer than we hoped -- initially planned for a May release, developer Enhance has announced a small delay to the 26th June. While no...

  • News Lumines Remastered Drops Onto PS4 in May

    Musical score

    Some might say the PS4 has too many remasters at this point, but we can allow for this one, right? Lumines was a superb puzzle game on PlayStation Portable that played a little like a rhythmic Tetris, and the PS4 is set to receive Lumines Remastered in May 2018. This is a fairly straightforward HD port of the original game, as you can...