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  • News Inertial Drift Powerslides to PS4 on 7th August

    An initial d-ate

    Entertaining cel-shaded racer Inertial Drift with drive on its side to the PlayStation 4 from 7th August, publisher PQube has announced. The arcade racer – which will be available both physically and digitally – sees you using the DualShock 4’s analogue sticks to steer your vehicle around perilous bends, and having gone...

  • News Inertial Drift Ditches the Brakes on PS4 in 2020

    Comes with local split-screen multiplayer

    The racing genre isn't particularly well represented on PlayStation 4. We reckon Gran Turismo Sport is the best driving game on the console, but even that takes a weird turn with an effort to showcase serious online racing. Inertial Drift, from developer Northern Softworks, is