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  • News PS5 Update Was Originally Planned for GDC 2020

    In the tub

    We’ll get a deep dive on the PlayStation 5 from lead system architect Mark Cerny tomorrow, but what’s with the curious timing? Given that Microsoft revealed a ton of information about the Xbox Series X this week, many feel that Sony may be scrambling for a response. In fact, it’s

  • News GDC 2020 Cancelled, Intentions to Host the Event in the Summer

    After multiple companies pull out

    Update: GDC 2020 has now been officially cancelled following multiple companies and developers cancelling their plans to attend because of the coronavirus. GDC states that it will attempt to put a show together in the summer instead. Update: The plug may very well be pulled on GDC 2020 this year, as more companies...

  • News EA Is One More Company Abandoning GDC Plans, Limited Attendance at Other Events

    Coronavirus watch

    Quickly following in the footsteps of Sony, Kojima Productions, and Facebook, publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will no longer be attending GDC next month. Citing the coronavirus, EA will also limit its attendance at other events throughout the year. In a statement issued to USgamer, the comp

  • News Sony Cancels GDC 2020 Appearance Amid Coronavirus Concerns

    That makes two

    After scrapping its plans to attend PAX East in Boston later this month, Sony has now confirmed that it won't be attending GDC -- once again citing the coronavirus as the reason why. Facebook joins the company in skipping the show while Oculus has announced that its announcements will take place online. In a statement given to Gam