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  • Review F1 2019 - Solid But Evolutionary Formula One Driving Sim

    The old F1-F2

    F1 2019 is the next instalment in Codemasters’ hugely popular Formula One racing franchise, and it’s arriving nearly two months earlier in the calendar than the previous games. But with the addition of F2, a couple of racing legends, and a visual polish, does this entry take franchise pole position? Fire up a race in F1 2019 as a...

  • Review F1 2018 (PS4)

    Trulli awesome

    Codemasters’ newest instalment in its celebrated F1 franchise is finally here, promising high-speed thrills, new modes and improved racing mechanics. Essentially, however, F1 2018 is a polished version of F1 2017. Last season’s effort already impressed, but small changes to the 2018 instalment have elevated the game to the most...