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  • News Frank West Can Dress as Jill Valentine, Amaterasu in Dead Rising 4

    Morrigan, Viewtiful Joe, and more

    Considering some criticised Dead Rising 4 for taking itself a little too seriously at launch, Capcom has gone out of its way to prove that it’s still capable of keeping its tongue firmly in its cheek. This new roster of Capcom Heroes costumes for upcoming PlayStation 4 port Frank’s Big Package is insane,...

  • News Dante, Cammy Cameo in Dead Rising 4's Capcom Heroes

    Sissel from Ghost Trick, too

    Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package will see protagonist Frank West dressing up as a variety of classic Capcom characters – including Dante from Devil May Cry and Cammy from Street Fighter. The bonus costumes – unlocked at arcade cabinets scattered around the open world – will augment you with each hero’s...

  • News Dead Rising 4 Will Feature 'Fan Requested' Improvements at Launch on PS4

    Plus a new game mode

    Capcom has announced that it'll be updating the Xbox One and PC versions of Dead Rising 4 on the 5th December, a date that also marks the game's release on PlayStation 4. As such, the various improvements that the developer is making will be there at launch on Sony's console. Apparently, Capcom's looking to...

  • News Xbox One Exclusive Dead Rising 4 Repackaged for PS4

    A big one

    Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 4 will be gift wrapped and dropped down the PlayStation 4’s chimney this Christmas, as Frank’s Big Package has been announced for Sony’s system. Essentially a repackaging of last year’s festive foray, the undead decapitating title will include all of the add-on packs and bonus content that wound its...

  • Review Dead Rising Triple Pack (PS4)

    They live again

    With Dead Rising 4 mere months away – though not for PlayStation gamers – the time is right for an opportunistic re-release of some of the earlier games. Acting as a prefect primer for the series, this re-release triple pack includes Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and if you don't fancy shelling...

  • Video Does Dead Rising's PS4 Debut Delight?

    He's covered wars, y'know

    In the very early days of the PlayStation 3, there were plenty of people clamouring for Dead Rising to release on the system. The Xbox 360 exclusive did eventually get an iffy Wii port, but Sony owners were locked out of the mall for several years, until Dead Rising 2 eventually deployed on the device. Over a decade later,...

  • News Dead Rising Finally Makes Its PS4 Debut Next Month

    Mall brawl

    Dead Rising has a spotty history on PlayStation platforms, with the original game famously skipping the PlayStation 3 entirely. But it will finally debut on the PlayStation 4 next month, as Capcom has confirmed that the new-gen port of the 2006 title – alongside sequel Dead Rising 2 and spin-off Dead Rising: Off the Record – will...

  • News Here's Your First Look at Dead Rising on PS4

    Alive and kicking

    The original Dead Rising's never released on a PlayStation platform – despite it proving popular on the Xbox 360, and even receiving a paired back Nintendo Wii port. However, publisher Capcom recently confirmed that it's bringing the 2006 undead-'em-up to Sony's new-gen system – and here's your first look at some promo shots...

  • News Dead Rising's PS4 Remasters May Ravage You in September

    The best of West

    We already know that three Dead Rising games are set to rot the PlayStation 4 in the near future, but an Xbox Store listing may have dated the last-gen titles for September. Trophies for the original game in Capcom's undead series leaked earlier in the month, of course, but the publisher then confirmed that it would be joined by...

  • News Capcom's Bringing Three Dead Rising Games to PS4

    Zombies galore

    Yesterday a Trophy list appeared for a PlayStation 4 version of the original Dead Rising, which all but confirmed the game will be coming to Sony's system in the near future. Capcom has now confirmed to Eurogamer.net that this indeed will be happening – but that's not all. In a surprise twist, the publisher also confirme

  • News The Original Dead Rising Is Coming to PS4

    Grab the chainsaw at the hardware store

    Does the temporary exclusivity deal over the upcoming Dead Rising 4 have you down? Well, Capcom may still have something for PlayStation 4 owners this year. Over on Exophase, a Trophy list has appeared for the original Dead Rising, a game that

  • E3 2016 Dead Rising 4 Will Dismantle the Undead on PS4 Next Year

    Exclusivity arrangement outlined

    There was some confusion as to the state of Dead Rising 4's exclusivity overnight, but that appears to be cleared up now: the zombie zapper will feel the festive spirit on the Xbox One and Windows 10 this December, with a Steam release to follow 90 days later – and a PlayStation 4 launch lined up for next year. The...

  • E3 2016 Dead Rising 4 Will Probably Release on PS4 Next Year

    It's all a bit vague, though

    Microsoft didn't use the term "exclusive" when it announced Dead Rising 4 for the Xbox One and Windows 10 this week, prompting us to ponder whether it would release on the PlayStation 4. However, the chatter coming out of E3 2016 was that the Redmond firm was publishing the game, and so we assumed that a Steam release...

  • Rumour Dead Rising 4 Leaks, But May Be Skipping PS4

    West's best

    Dead Rising's never really felt like a PlayStation franchise. The original launched too early for the PlayStation 3, despite it getting "ported" to the Nintendo Wii. Dead Rising 2 and spin-off Off the Record did hit Sony's system, but the game's prequel episodes were exclusive to the Xbox 360. And then, of course, Dead Rising 3 launched...