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    Review Carnival Games VR

    Infinite bore fair

    Ah, this is just what PlayStation VR needed: a minigame collection. And not just any superficial smorgasbord of banal activities either, but the granddaddy of the genre: Carnival Games VR. Those of you who hold on to haunting thoughts like a manic depressive in a mental health institute may remember this 2K Games published series...

  • Video Does Carnival Games VR Bring All the Fun of the Fair to PS4?

    Roll up, roll up

    Carnival Games is back! Do you remember this franchise proving surprisingly popular on the Nintendo Wii? Well, now publisher 2K Games is hoping to catch bottled lightning for a second time on PlayStation VR. This is essentially a mini-game collection which features an array of funfair-esque activities. But is it any good? Watch the...