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  • News Persona 4 Arena Ultimax's Japanese Boxart Is the Best We've Seen in Ages

    The champion returns

    We love a good looking game case here at Push Square. A box that you can stand on your shelf with pride, knowing that someday, your grandchildren will look at it in awe. A box much like Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is getting in its native Japan. We're exaggerating, of course, but there's no denying that the upcoming brawler has...

  • Review Daylight (PlayStation 4)

    Low battery life

    Daylight is the procedurally generated horror game from Zombie Studios, the indie outfit best known for free-to-play first-person shooter Blacklight Retribution. It has the distinction of being the first game released using the new – and largely impressive – Unreal Engine 4, making this an attractive proposition for visual...

  • News Rise Kujikawa Struts Off the Stage and into the Ring in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

    Please notice me senpai

    Clearly not content with her life as a teen idol, Persona 4's dungeon navigator Rise Kujikawa will be taking her act away from the stage in the upcoming brawler, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Fans of the all singing all dancing love interest should be trembling at the mere thought of beating the snot out of Teddie with their...

  • News Danganronpa 2 Waves Goodbye to Despair on 2nd September

    Kuma to daddy

    NIS America will pull the trigger on Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair on 2nd September in North America, an Atlus sales sheet has revealed. The popular Persona maker is helping to distribute the PlayStation Vita exclusive in North America, which was

  • Review Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars (PlayStation Vita)

    Born to try

    Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is one of the strangest games that you’ll ever play. Its premise – which, in essence, revolves around mating – provides an odd starting point, but get past this and you’ll find a surprisingly enjoyable excursion that’s only really let down by repetition and some unnecessarily sexual...

  • News Failed Kickstarter Citizens of Earth Is Destined to Save the World After All

    We need you

    Have you ever backed a Kickstarter only to have it fall short of its target goal, never to see the light of day? This was the fate that befell Citizens of Earth, an Earthbound-inspired RPG in which the vice president of the world must save the planet from destruction with the help of ordinary citizens. It seems that this game was...

  • News PS4 Survival Horror Daylight Spares You of Scares Until End of April

    Title's still coming for you

    Those of you with weak knees will have no need to shake, rattle, and roll until the end of April, as Blacklight: Retribution developer Zombie Studios has delayed its procedurally generated PlayStation 4 survival horror Daylight until the end of April. In a decidedly unspooky message, a company representative pointed out...

  • News Persona 4 Goes for Gold on the PlayStation 3

    Yu know you'll buy it

    Fans of high school drama and strange stuffed animals will be delighted to learn that Persona 4 is coming to the PlayStation 3. Judging by an ESRB listing spotted by Siliconera, the popular JRPG will launch as a PS2 Classic, meaning that it will be without the

  • News Atlus Dismantles Hopes of Demon's Souls 2 on PS4

    Don't rule it out just yet, though

    From Software’s cult action role-playing game Demon’s Souls followed a more arduous path onto the PlayStation 3 than the characters depicted in its maddeningly masochistic campaign. Published by Sony in Japan, the platform holder actually passed on a Western release – a mistake which Worldwide Studios...

  • News Persona 4 Will Dance All Night on Your PlayStation Vita

    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax also entering the ring

    When it rains, it pours – and Atlus appears to have taken that old adage to heart. Fresh from revealing that hotly anticipated sequel Persona 5 will arrive in North America next year, the publisher has also confirmed that PlayStation 3 fighter Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and bizarre PlayStation Vita...

  • News Persona 5 Brings Style to Western PS3s in 2015


    Just as the relatively haunting and mysterious image of those empty chairs against that blood red background was starting to slip from memory, Atlus has unveiled Persona 5's official English website. Much like its Japanese counterpart, it states a clear and simple message: the game will be coming to Western PlayStation 3s in 2015. It may...

  • News Persona 4 Arena Sequel Delivers a Suplex to Importers

    And it hurts

    The Japanese language barrier can get in the way of a lengthy JRPG, but it's less problematic if you merely want to smash someone's head in. However, it seems that importers will have to wait a little longer for the uniquely named Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, as fans eagerly awaiting the sequel to Arc System Works' fighting...

  • News Chlotz Is Your New Best Friend in Vita Title Conception II

    Saving the world got a whole lot easier

    A new challenger appears, donning some bright red hair. Atlus has introduced Chlotz, your newest companion in PlayStation Vita title Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. He may seem like a goofy kid that is outmatched all the time, but he makes up for it by having a big heart. It also helps that he is a...

  • Rumour There's Still Hope for a Western Release of Yakuza 5

    Cloud Atlus

    We’ve been begging to play it for months, but a brand new rumour suggests that Yakuza 5 could actually be heading overseas. A translation of the gigantic PlayStation 3 exclusive – which dragon punched its native Japan all the way back in 2012 – has so far been ruled out by publisher SEGA, but EGM speculates th

  • News PS Vita RPG Conception II Is Expected to Deliver in the EU

    No retail in sight

    Known for its European delays due to a lack of regional headquarters, it seems that Atlus is attempting to shrug off this niggling reputation with the announcement that Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars will be made available on European PlayStation Vitas in the second quarter of 2014. Don't expect to be picki

  • News This PS Vita RPG May Look Harmless, But It's for Mature Players Only

    Well, sort of

    It’s not often that a Japanese role-playing game obtains a ‘Mature’ rating from the ESRB, but that’s exactly what the North American classifications board has awarded PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. While the Nintendo 3DS iteration is the only version to be examined thus far, it...

  • News You're Free to Try and Decipher This Conception II Trailer

    Shooting stars

    There are two types of trailer: the teaser that tells you next to nothing about the product that it’s promoting, and the epic that uncovers everything that you could ever want to know. This lengthy footage for upcoming PlayStation Vita role-playing game Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars falls into the latter category,...

  • News Dragon's Crown's Firey Fifth Patch Breaks Level Cap and Generates Random Dungeons

    Flaming heck

    Fans of Vanillaware's chaotic action RPG Dragon's Crown will be ecstatic to learn of the game's fifth and final update, which seems to have been designed with the most hardcore of players in mind. Aside from the typical "gameplay stability" fix, the patch attempts to lengthen the beautiful brawler's already beefy playtime. It all...

  • News Persona 5 Aims to Break the Shackles of Life on PS3

    Damn your love, damn your lies

    Atlus’ recently announced Persona 5 will be filled with a hearty helping of high school angst if a recent Dengeki PlayStation report is representative of the upcoming PlayStation 3 release. The Japanese magazine claims that the hotly anticipated sequel will once again take place in a classroom, but will find its cast...

  • News Get Your Groove On, Persona 4 Dancing All Night Is Coming to Vita in 2014

    We love you Risette

    Imagine eagerly awaiting the reveal of a certain Persona 5, only to be shown the craziness that is Persona 4 Dancing All Night. Regardless of fans' disappointment at the time, this rhythm game has already got us grooving in the office. The dance-'em-up is set to spin into Japan in Autumn 2014 as a PlayStation Vita exclusive. In...

  • News Persona 5 Jumps Out of Your Dreams and into Reality

    Choo choo, all aboard

    After announcing a 3DS spin-off, perplexing our speech with Persona 4 Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, and revealing a Persona 4-based dancing game, it looked like fans' dreams of a Persona 5 announcement had been crushed during Atlus' streaming event today. Thankfully, the incredibly ta

  • News Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold Will Be Perplexing Japan in 2014

    Say that again

    During today's much-hyped announcement event, Atlus released a trailer for Persona 4 Arena's sequel, Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold. Don't worry, it'll probably just be called Persona 4 Arena 2 in the West. Although we only get a few quick glimpses of gameplay, it looks very much like you'd expect it to. The only real...

  • News Japan Loots a Dragon's Crown Cross-Play Patch [Updated]

    The more the merrier

    Atlus has confirmed that the patch is indeed heading to North America, and will be "arriving very soon". The publisher also states that more details are on the way. [Original story] Despite the fact that you can transfer your save file between the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of Vanillaware's RPG beat 'em up Dragon's Crown,...

  • Review Dragon's Crown (PlayStation 3)

    Picture perfect

    Atlus has forged something of a rocky relationship with European gamers. It's hard to remember a time when its titles haven't been delayed for seemingly ridiculous periods before making the journey overseas – but thankfully, the Japanese publisher has somehow managed to deliver quality games over and over again. Developer...

  • News Wait, So SEGA Now Owns Persona Developer Atlus?

    Yes, it does

    SEGA has tossed a big pile of cash at the feet of troubled holding group Index Corporation, and purchased Persona developer Atlus in the process. The company’s been sniffing around the flagging firm for some time, but won an auction to buy the bankrupt company in a deal estimated at around ¥14 billion ($140 million). According to the...

  • Review Dragon's Crown (PlayStation Vita)

    Worthy of the crown

    It wasn't long ago now that Vanillaware released Muramasa Rebirth for the PlayStation Vita, and showed us exactly what it's capable of doing with an OLED screen. In an apparent effort to prove that it isn't done yet, the developer’s second game has already landed on the handheld in the form of Dragon's Crown. Though it may...

  • News Persona 4 Arena Punching Back with New Characters

    Put 'em up

    Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed a new version of Arc System Works' story-fuelled fighting spin-off, Persona 4 Arena. The article also disclosed details about two new fighters: Yukari Takeba and Junpei Iori from Persona 3. Yukari Takeba is equipped with a pink, angelic-looking bow and specialises in both long-range and...

  • News Dragon's Crown Is Questing to Europe Later This Year

    Worldwide looting

    A European release for Atlus' highly anticipated action RPG Dragon's Crown was beginning to look quite sketchy, but today the title was confirmed to be making the journey by publisher NIS America. Although no solid release date was given, Europe is to expect the game sometime in the Autumn. Sporting a fantastic art style, chaotic...

  • News So, Atlus' Parent Company Just Registered a Persona 5 Domain

    But which platform will it launch on?

    Persona 5 is a game that’s been on the tip of most gamers’ tongues for eons, but now there’s reason to believe that it could be right around the corner. Atlus’ admittedly troubled parent company Index Corporation registered a domain for the hotly anticipated follow-up on 25th June. Cue throngs of excited...

  • E3 2013 Zombie Studios' Daylight Deploys on the PlayStation 4

    Here comes the sun

    When it rains, it pours. Clearly not content with the wealth of PlayStation 4 announcements over the past couple of days, Zombie Studios has added yet another release to the platform’s bulging lineup. This time it’s supernatural thriller Daylight that has been confirmed for the console, according to the folks over at The Sixth...

  • Review Persona 4 Arena (PlayStation 3)

    Velvet boom

    Atlus has had to bear the brunt of much criticism from gamers due to its decision to region lock Persona 4 Arena, giving eager European fans no option but to wait a frankly preposterous length of time for the game to release. There’s no denying, however, the quality and brilliance of Arc System Works' take on the fantastic Japanese RPG...

  • News Pre-Order Dragon's Crown for This Awesome Art Book

    Showered in riches

    A royal affair like Dragon’s Crown was never going to eschew pre-order bonuses. Atlus has revealed that those who register their interest in the Vanillaware brawler for either the PlayStation 3 or Vita will be rewarded with a 64-page art book sporting the work of designer George Kamitani. The tome will also include scrawls by...

  • News You Don't Want to Get on the Wrong Side of Dragon's Crown's Amazon

    Legs like tree trunks

    We’re pretty confident that you could see the thighs of Dragon’s Crown’s playable Amazon character from space. Her extraordinary muscles pave the way for plenty of power, as this brand new trailer demonstrates. In it, the partially undressed protagonist is shown tossing enemies into the air and dishing out a hearty...

  • News Dragon's Crown's Sorceress Struts into New English Language Trailer

    Fighter also the focus of refreshed footage

    If you’re employed by Gearbox, we recommend hitting the back button on your browser right now. For those of you still with us, Atlus has deployed a couple of semi-new Dragon’s Crown trailers, focusing once again on the Sorceress and the

  • News Dragon's Crown Summons Wizard Gameplay Footage

    Kind of magic

    The wizard is without a doubt the best dressed class in Vanillaware’s upcoming Dragon’s Crown. Not only does the protagonist wear a stylish, silk cloak, but he’s also rocking some slick undergarments and leather boots. You can catch the character conjuring an asteroid shower from a magical tome in the trailer embedded below. The...

  • News Acquaint Yourself with Dragon's Crown's Elf in New Trailer

    All of a quiver

    Fortunately, there’s at least one character in Dragon’s Crown that knows how to dress properly. Atlus has deployed a brand new trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita brawler’s Elf, demonstrating the protagonist’s ranged attacks and respectable clothing. The full title’s due out on 6th August in North America, but...

  • News Dragon's Crown's Dwarf Trailer Flexes Its Muscles

    Body slam

    If you felt that the previous Dragon’s Crown trailer showed a little too much skin, then you’ll probably be equally displeased with this brand new footage focusing on the Dwarf. Rather than equip himself with clothing and body armour, he prefers to wander around partially nude. Still, at least he's got that big beard to cover up a bit...

  • News Saucy Sorceress Trailer Deployed for PS3 and Vita Brawler Dragon's Crown

    Must be cold

    Video game characters are renowned for their impractical dress sense, but we reckon that Dragon's Crown’s enchanted Sorceress class takes things to the next level. If we were venturing through grotty catacombs, we’d very much want to keep ourselves covered up – but the title’s magical character type seems content with letting it...

  • News New Dragon's Crown Trailer Whips Out Its Sword

    It's a big one

    Atlus has unsheathed a brand new trailer for its upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita brawler, Dragon’s Crown. The full game features six classes, but this footage focuses on the Fighter. Don’t worry about the Japanese voiceover – just gaze dreamily at the gorgeous Vanillaware artwork. Looks lovely, doesn't it? The title's due out on...

  • News Demon's Souls Damns North American PS Plus Subscribers in April

    Malicious, Labyrinth Legends, and more up for grabs

    From Software’s devilish Demon’s Souls will be available for free for North American PlayStation Plus subscribers from later today. The title – which ordinarily retails for $19.99 – will have you tossing your DualShock 3 around the house for the grand sum of nothing. Fortunately, for those...

  • News Dragon's Crown Reigns on PS3 and Vita This Summer

    Atlus attaches window to the beautiful brawler

    Vanillaware’s slick PlayStation 3 and Vita brawler Dragon’s Crown will stroll onto North American store shelves and the PlayStation Network this summer, publisher Atlus has announced. The game will set you back $49.99 for the console version, and $39.99 for the handheld release. There’s no word on...

  • News Dragon's Crown Trailer Punches Your Eyeballs with Pretty Graphics

    Tastier than nacho cheese and bacon on crispy fries

    If hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 and Vita brawler Dragon’s Crown was an animal, it would probably be a kitten wearing a big pink bow. Vanillaware has released a brand new trailer for the co-operative beat ‘em up, which introduces you to the cast of the game and also shows off a euphoric mouse...

  • News Dragon's Crown Details Punching Their Way Online Next Week

    Announcement of an announcement

    New information regarding Vanillaware’s slick PlayStation 3 and Vita brawler Dragon’s Crown will thump its way online next week. Atlus has launched a website for the fighter which points to a full re-reveal on 21st March. That’s next Thursday for those of you without a calendar to hand. The beautiful beat ‘em...

  • Out Today Persona 4 Golden Brightens Up UK Retail

    Can't stop that shine

    Amidst the excitement of the PlayStation 4, you could be forgiven for forgetting about the release of Persona 4 Golden in the UK. The critically acclaimed PlayStation Vita JRPG has taken its sweet time making the journey across the Atlantic, but it’s finally available in stores today. A downloadable copy also deployed earlier...

  • News Dragon's Crown Continues to Look Stunning in New Trailer

    Add it to your wishlist

    It’s been a while since we last saw anything of Dragon’s Crown, the gorgeous side-scrolling beat ‘em up from Vanillaware. Thankfully, Sony rectified that overnight, with a brand new thirty-second trailer featuring a bevy of action form the upcoming brawler. The game’s still due out this year, where it will be...

  • News Hook Up with Persona 4 Golden Next Month in Europe

    Let it shine

    Get ready to rediscover your teenage angst, because Persona 4 Golden is set to brighten up the PlayStation Vita’s barren release schedule in Europe next month. Publisher Atlus has confirmed that the critically acclaimed RPG – which scored a perfect 10/10 on this very site – will hit store shelves on 22nd February. If that’s too...

  • News Demon's Souls Spreads to the PlayStation Network Next Week

    Can your hard drive handle it?

    Soon you won't need to move a muscle in order to return to the unforgiving world of Demon’s Souls. Atlus has announced that it's set to launch the punishing adventure on the North American PlayStation Network next week, stripping away the need for you to waste your energy on switching discs. The digital version will...

  • News Zeno Clash 2 Punches the PlayStation Network This Spring

    Heavy haymaker

    After almost four years of development, ACE Team’s first-person brawler Zeno Clash 2 is set to pick a fight with the PlayStation Network this spring. Co-founder Carlos Bordeu confirmed the title’s tentative release window on the game’s official forums, adding that it’s too early to pin a specific date down. If the title’s...

  • News Inversion Developer Saber Switches on God Mode


    Saber Interactive clearly believes that the world would benefit from another third-person shooter. The developer – responsible for Inversion and TimeShift – has announced God Mode, a brand new co-operative action game heading to the PlayStation Network next year. The title puts you in control of an ancient God who’s been stripped...

  • News Persona 4 Golden Brightens Up Vita This November

    Next year in Europe

    Persona 4 Golden – the enhanced PlayStation Vita exclusive port of Atlus’ cult PS2 RPG – will hit North American store shelves on 20th November, it's been announced. The title will travel to Europe next spring, with NIS America handling publishing duties. If you can’t wait that long, then it’s definitely worth pointing...