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  • Mini Review Call of the Sea (PS5) - A Pretty But Predictable Puzzler

    Lost at sea

    Norah is ill, and her husband Harry is missing after having gone searching the world for a cure. After receiving a mysterious package, Norah decides to go to the place Harry was last known to be — an island off the coast of Tahiti. Call of the Sea bills itself as a Lovecraftian mystery game, and whilst the first person adventure...

  • Mini Review Kaze and the Wild Masks (PS4) - A Tough But Fun 2D Platformer

    Driving me Kaze

    Kaze and the Wild Masks is a 2D platformer described by developers PixelHive as '90s inspired'. This is definitely accurate, as there’s a majorly nostalgic vibe, from the slightly retro feeling artwork and music to the lack of dialogue. It simultaneously feels years old and brand new. The titular Kaze, an anthropomorphic bunny,...

  • Review Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy (PS5) - Another Solid Alchemic Adventure

    Cooking up a storm

    Just two years after her first game, Reisalin "Ryza" Stout is back with Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy. This time, she’s on an adventure from her home of Kurken Island and has travelled to Asha-Am-Baird to investigate mysteries surrounding some ruins while reuniting with some familiar faces. Atelier Ryza 2...

  • Game of the Year Jade's Top 5 PS5, PS4 Games of 2020

    JRPG jamboree

    Alongside our staff-voted Game of the Year awards, each of our writers have crafted their own personal lists, covering their top five PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 titles of 2020. Today, it's the turn of reviewer Jade Sayers. 5. Astro’s Playroom: The perfect game to see in the PS5 era with. Astro’s Playroom is exactly the...

  • Review Buried Stars - We Stan One K-Pop Mystery

    A buried gem

    Visual novel Buried Stars is an interesting one. With many saying online that the game has come from nowhere, its sudden release has surprised, and delighted, a lot of people. From Korean Studio Largo, Buried Stars follows the events of the titular reality show, which is set in the final stages of a K-pop talent contest. Unfortunately...

  • Mini Review Fairy Tail - Faithful Anime Adaptation Is a Fan Pleaser

    They lived Happy-ly ever after

    Fairy Tail follows the plot of the anime, set from around the end of the Tenrou Island arc to approximately the end of the Avatar arc. For the uninitiated, that spans around 160 episodes from about 122 onwards. You're therefore much better off going into Fairy Tail with some knowledge of the property already, but there...

  • Review My Hero One's Justice 2 - Disappointing Sequel Is Still Just an Average Arena Fighter

    Less Plus Ultra, more Meh Ultra

    My Hero One’s Justice 2 is the second fighting game based on My Hero Academia, arguably one of the most popular anime in the world. As its title suggests, My Hero One’s Justice 2 is the follow-up to 2018’s equally awkwardly titled My Hero One’s Justice -- and it's every bit as bland as its predecessor. My...

  • Interview Talking Trails Of Cold Steel 3 and Bringing More Games West with Falcom Boss Toshihiro Kondo


    We were recently given the opportunity to speak with Toshihiro Kondo, president of Nihon Falcom, ahead of the much-anticipated Western release of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III next month. Kondo-san gave us his opinions on why the series has resonated with audiences, insight into how the series has been developed, and his...

  • Review My Hero One's Justice - A Solid Anime Brawler that Struggles to Stand Out

    A Quirky kind of fighter

    My Hero One’s Justice is the game adaptation of smash hit anime My Hero Academia. If you don’t know My Hero Academia then this probably isn’t the game for you, as My Hero One’s Justice launches its story mode partway through season 2 of the show, and runs to midway through season 3. You’re expected to come with...

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    Review Little Dragons Café

    All fired up

    Booting up Little Dragons Café for the first time, the first thing that strikes is how damn cute the whole thing is. From the adorable twins you choose between to play as to the quaint café itself complete with delightful miniature vegetable patch and impossibly sweet chickens running around, everything is designed to immediately tug...

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    Review Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk

    Tractie-cal warfare

    Nippon Ichi’s latest release Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk is a first-person dungeon crawler where you play Tractie – that is, the Tractatus de Monstrum – a mysterious book with a soul trapped inside, able to communicate by filling out its pages. Tractie is under the control of a witch named Baba Yaga, or Dronya as...

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    Review The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2

    A witch's curse

    A year after its Japanese release, The Witch And The Hundred Knight 2 has finally made it to Western consoles. Following the story of sisters Amalie and Milm, you play as the Hundred Knight – a doll brought to life by witchcraft to do the evil bidding of the young witch who has taken over Milm’s body after she contracts Witch’s...

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    Review Attack on Titan 2

    Colossal fun

    For those who have been living under a rock, Attack on Titan is one of the biggest anime and manga properties of recent years, and tells the story of humanity's struggle against a group of man-eating Titans who are threatening to destroy their world. The first Attack on Titan game came out in 2016, and now Koei Tecmo is back with a...

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    Review The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia


    The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia is the first console adaptation of The Seven Deadly Sins anime. Published by Bandai Namco and developed by Natsume Atari, Knights of Britannia is a fighting game at its core which follows the plot of the hit anime. The game has two modes: Adventure Mode and Duel Mode, which pretty much do...

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    Review Tokyo Xanadu EX+

    Total eclipse of the heart

    Protagonist Kou Tokisaka stumbles into a parallel world, The Eclipse, while trying to rescue fellow classmate Asuka Hiiragi. From there, he joins Asuka’s quest to eliminate the evil lurking in The Eclipse, while working several part-time jobs at once and attending school. Kou seems to have an overwhelming need to help...

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    Review Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier

    Earth all along

    Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier is set between Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes – the two most recent movies in the franchise. With the power of PlayLink, up to four players can decide the fate of humans and apes alike, as we take control of Jess, the head of a human settlement,...

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    Review Chaos;Child

    Murder she wrote

    Chaos;Child is the latest visual novel brought to us by developer 5pb, and the fourth main entry in the ‘Science Adventure’ series. Chaos;Child sits in that series with acclaimed titles like Steins;Gate and this game’s predecessor, Chaos;Head, but don’t worry too much about having experience with either. Ultimately,...

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    Review Blue Reflection

    Reflections of sadness

    Blue Reflection is the latest offering from Gust, the developer who previously brought us the Atelier series. A brand new IP, Blue Reflection focuses on the story of Hinako, a former child ballet star who starts a new high school. She discovers that she's a Reflector, the game’s version of a magical girl, along with her new...

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    Review Dark Rose Valkyrie

    A thorny rose

    Dark Rose Valkyrie is the latest Japanese role-playing game presented to us by developer Compile Heart and publisher Idea Factory. It’s set in an alternate version of 1929 Japan where Black Garnet, a meteorite, has hit the Earth and caused a virus that transforms the public into deadly creatures called Chimera.  The protagonist,...

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    PS Vita

    Review Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds

    Samurai lovin', had me a blast

    Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds is the latest game in the Hakuoki series, and is billed by developer Idea Factory as a “remastered telling of the beloved 2008 series”. Set in historic Japan, the game follows the protagonist as she's taken in by a group of samurai while looking for her father who has gone missing. Being an...

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    Review Touhou Genso Wanderer


    Rogue-like role-playing release Touhou Genso Wanderer follows the story of adorable protagonist Reimu Harukei. Reimu becomes entranced by the 'golden sphere' that soon-to-be antagonist Rinnosuke Morichika is holding, and tries to steal it from him. Clearly under the sphere's spell, Rinnosuke fights back, and Reimu soon finds herself away...

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    Review Ys Origin

    Ys not?

    Some eleven years after its original Japanese release, Ys Origin has been brought to PlayStation 4 by publisher DotEmu (via a PC localisation by XSEED back in 2006). Set 700 years before the events of the main Ys series, Origin steers away from the series' familiar protagonist Adol Christin in order to focus on the background of the series'...

  • Game of the Year 2016 Jade's Personal PlayStation Picks

    Zero hour

    It's time once again for the indomitable staff here at Push Square to share their own personal Game of the Year picks. Every year, we herd our writers together and force them to spill their opinions on their five favourite games of the last 12 months. Usually, this involves poking them with a stick until they come clean. Below, you'll find...

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    PS Vita

    Review Yomawari: Night Alone

    Horror never looked so cute

    Yomawari: Night Alone tells the haunting tale of a girl, seemingly alone, trying to find her sister and lost dog Poro in her small town. As our heroine's adventure beginss, it's clear from the offset that the town is haunted, and she must go on her quest without being caught by the many ghosts that roam the streets...