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  • Guide PS5 SSD: How to Install a Compatible M.2 NVMe SSD and Expand Your Storage

    Add more storage space to your PS5

    How do you install an internal PS5 SSD and expand your storage? As any long-standing PlayStation 5 owner will tell you, the 825GB SSD that the console ships with doesn't go as far as you'd imagine (See Also: PS5 SSD: How Much Storage Space Does It Have?). With the OS swallowing up a bit of space, you're ultimately...

  • Hands On Lock-On Magazine Is a Love-Letter to the World of PlayStation

    Shame it's now sold out

    Print media is dead. It's a fact which has been clear for some time, at least in the realm of video games. The internet has rendered the majority of magazines irrelevant, because print can never hope to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the games industry, nor can it be expected to challenge a media which is capable of...

  • Mini Review R-Type Final 2 (PS4) - One of the Greatest Shmups Ever Gets a Timely Sequel

    Blast the Bydo, again

    When you’re taking time to consider the true greats of the shmup genre, a few names tend to crop up with alarming regularity. Darius. Gradius. Space Invaders, if you’re feeling particularly bookish. However, few shooters have had the same degree of impact that R-Type achieved when it hit arcades way back in 1987. The savvy...

  • News PS2-Style PS5 Consoles Withdrawn From Sale After Company Receives 'Credible Threats'

    "Our team began receiving credible threats to their safety"

    Remember that awesome-looking PS2-style PlayStation 5 console we mentioned a few days ago? This custom system was being offered in a limited run of just 300 units by SUP3R5, and pre-orders went live recently. Sadly, the process didn't go according to plan. Demand was such that the stock...

  • News WipEout Lives On In This One-Of-A-Kind £190,000 Supercar

    "This project has been way beyond anything I've seen before"

    Anti-grav racing series WipEout hasn't seen a brand-new mainline entry in some time, but that doesn't mean that the legacy of the franchise – which began 25 years ago alongside the western launch of the original PlayStation – can't live on. Last night, WipEout co-creator and Game...

  • News The Team Behind Nintendo's Super FX Almost Made the PS2 CPU, And It Was Named After a Dog's Bits

    "It was the dog’s bollocks"

    The original 32-bit PlayStation was a game-changer, but Sony's follow up was even more successful, eventually selling over 155 million units worldwide. Powered by "The Emotion Engine" CPU – developed and manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment and Toshiba – the PS2 is officially the most successful video games...

  • Feature It's Time to Celebrate the PSP, Sony's 21st Century Walkman

    "I believe we made the most beautiful thing in the world"

    With the PlayStation Vita on life support and Sony seemingly disinterested in tackling the handheld arena again, it's easy to forget that not so long ago the Japanese giant was celebrating the fact that for the first time in decades, Nintendo's dominance in the realm of portable consoles had...

  • Interview MediEvil Creators Give Their Verdict on the Forthcoming PS4 Remaster

    "The announcement totally came out of the blue"

    The news that Sony is remastering  MediEvil, one of its most beloved 32-bit classics, certainly caused quite a stir, and with good reason; the original game was a massive commercial and critical success back in the '90s. However, for two of the key figures behind the 1998 title's development, the...

  • Feature The Making of MediEvil

    "Apparently Dan was something of a sex symbol in France"

    With the welcome announcement that MediEvil is getting a 4K remaster on PlayStation 4, we dig deep into the archives to unearth a piece on the making of the PSone original, penned by Editorial Director Damien McFerran many moons ago. Video games are fundamentally about escapism. It’s...

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    Review Tokyo Jungle

    Primal rage

    Republished on Wednesday, 28th June 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of July 2017's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. In an industry which is seemingly obsessed with burly soldiers packing massive machine guns and other associated heavy ordinance, it’s...

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    Review Battle Garegga Rev.2016

    Rank up

    It might seem odd to begin a review with a short history lesson, but in the case of Battle Garegga, it's certainly warranted. Originally released in arcades in 1996 and developed by Japanese firm Raizing (also known as Eighting / 8ing and now primarily responsible for creating games based on the Kamen Rider TV show), this...

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    Review The King of Fighters XIV

    Royal ruckus

    While Capcom is rightly credited as the company which kick-started interest in the one-on-one fighting genre, there's another firm which built up comparable reputation in the field and – some would passionately argue – actually managed to trump the creator of Street Fighter on more than one occasion. SNK would become a household...

  • News Valkyria Chronicles Soundtrack Mobilises on iTunes for the First Time Outside Japan

    "Squad 7, move out!"

    You might have missed it amid the excitement over Uncharted 4, Doom and Overwatch, but Sega launched Valkyria Chronicles Remastered on the PS4 recently. A loving re-release of one of the finest PS3 exclusives, this new offering is accompanied by the first western release of the game's excellent soundtrack, composed by the...

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    Review Dark Souls III

    Ashes to ashes

    Dark Souls II was a tremendous video game – so good in fact that we happily played through it twice thanks to a timely HD remaster – but for some Souls fans, something wasn't quite right. It lacked the focus of the sublime original it was argued, and when it came to finding a scapegoat, such critics didn't have to look far...

  • Hardware Review Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai - Stick Joy

    King of the Kontrollers

    Capcom may have slightly fumbled the launch of Street Fighter V, but there's no denying that the title is a formidable addition to the company's long and proud lineage in a genre that it has arguably dominated since the early 90s. However, as any truly dedicated player will tell you over and over, the interface you use to...

  • News Ever Wonder Why the Classic Metal Gear Solid Theme Isn't in the Phantom Pain?

    Name that tune

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a phenomenal game – which is just as well, as it could end up being the final entry in the series to benefit from the input of creator Hideo Kojima, who seems to be parting ways with Konami at the end of the year. However, as amazing as the game undoubtedly is, it is missing a vital ingredient...

  • Feature The Making of the Sony PlayStation

    Investigating the birth of a legend

    Republished on Tuesday, 29th September 2015: We're bringing this article back from the archives to celebrate the PSone's big 20th Anniversary in Europe today. The original text follows. Originally published on Thursday, 9th August 2012: It's almost impossible to conceive it now but prior to the 32-bit...

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    Review Mega Man Legacy Collection

    Six of the best

    Despite Capcom's best efforts to forget that he even exists, Mega Man's popularity with players endures regardless of the lack of fresh outings. Such is the gaming public's adoration of this pint-sized hero that they will gleefully crowdfund spiritual successors (Mighty No. 9, we're looking at you) in lieu of a genuine Blue Bomber...

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    Review Ultra Street Fighter IV

    No contest

    While the eyes of truly dedicated Street Fighter fans will undoubtedly be fixed on the forthcoming fifth main iteration in the popular series – exclusive to the PlayStation 4, no less – Capcom has seen fit to do a bit of preliminary groundwork by bringing the previous entry to Sony's new-gen system. Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4...

  • News DICE Explains Why Star Wars: Battlefront Had To Skip PlayStation 3

    If only you knew the power of the next-gen

    EA and DICE's interpretation of Star Wars: Battlefront is coming to next-gen consoles this November, totally skipping the likes of the PS3 and Xbox 360. This might prove a bitter pill to swallow for those of you that haven't yet upgraded to the PlayStation 4, but according to Star Wars: Battlefront's...

  • News Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Secures Biggest UK Launch Of 2015

    63 percent of physical copies sold on the PlayStation 4

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has enjoyed the biggest UK launch week sales of 2015, it has been revealed. The open-world epic managed to comfortably eclipise the performance of its predecessor, outselling The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings by 608 percent. 63 percent of physical copies were sold on...

  • News Dark Souls Wannabe Lords Of The Fallen Is Getting The Game Of The Year Treatment

    Release confirmed for June, includes all DLC

    Lords of the Fallen was a valiant attempt to capture the brilliance of From Software's amazing Dark Souls series, and while it didn't quite match its inspiration it remains a solid purchase - as you'll know if you read our 7/10 review. If you didn't take the plunge when the game originally launched last...

  • News Resident Evil Zero Will Shamble Its Way to PS4 And PS3 Next Year

    A remastered undead nightmare

    Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil Zero will be getting the remaster treatment next year following the overwhelming success of the remake of the first game. Zero originally launched as a Nintendo GameCube exclusive in 2002 and was later ported to the Wii in 2008. Set prior to the events of the original game, the...

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    Review Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

    The Director's Cut

    The release of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is timely. Bloodborne is currently thrilling PlayStation 4 owners all over the globe, yet like its distant relative Demon's S