It's genuinely exciting not knowing what type of game to expect next, and Nordcurrent's zany presentation style only adds to the intrigue. The problem with 101-In-1 Megamix's collection is that none of the games stick. A neat progression system pushes you through each of the minigames, but once you've beaten the game's score target there's very little reason to replay. That can make the package surprisingly short-lived, despite its impressive title.

Typically a compilation with "In-1" anywhere in the title should instill caution in the buyer. As a marketing technique, claiming an impressive roster such as "101" games can be a powerful selling point; but this traditionally refers to several different variants on the same roster of games. In honesty, it's a bit of a scam.

Nordcurrent's 101-In-1 Megamix is no such package — there genuinely are over a hundred minigames packed into the compilation, each with different mechanics and objectives. The games are structured under a series of television shows, but only loosely tie into their relevant subject. As should be expected for such a collection, the minigames vary in quality. There are some brilliant little titles which have you stacking cheeseburgers and shooting down UFOs. On the whole, the minigames tend to fall on the favourable side. They are extremely simple - usually involving one button and the D-Pad - and will only occupy for two to three minutes at a time. But there are 101 of them after all.

The problem with 101-In-1 Megamix's roster is that none of the minigames carry any replay value. There are multiplayer modes and ample high-score tracking features, but once the criteria to unlock more minigames has been met, there's no real reason to return to a specific game. Other popular compilations of this kind, such as WarioWare, have avoided the issue by providing progressive score challenges - but there's a time counter in nearly all of 101-In-1 Megamix's minigames, evaporating much of the "one more go" potential.

Megamix's art-style draws on the random nature of the games it includes. There's a zany charm to the package that makes cavemen sporting bouffant hair-styles acceptable. Again it demonstrates Nordcurrent's creative ability, as literally every game within the package has a unique style to it. Each title is consistently colourful and bold — but in terms of artistic direction Megamix is as varied as you would hope.


Those looking for a game with something different to offer each it's played will enjoy 101-In-1 Megamix. There's some genuinely enjoyable minigames in the collection, but the package does wear thin quickly. That's because, despite the game's huge roster, there's very little replay value to any of the minigames. The multiplayer components might provide additional challenge, but once all 101 games have been explored, there's very little reason to return.