Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden is a bit like playing a tabletop game with a slightly altered deck; there are some noticeable differences, but you're ultimately still playing the same thing. This follow-up to The Isle Dragon Roars is extremely similar for the most part — including its faults — but small gameplay changes and a fresh story do just enough to deal fans a new hand.

Though seemingly set in the same universe, this game tells its own tale. A small group of islands is protected by maidens, in charge of one island each. You play as a man set on sailing the seas, but his mute companion Laty is destined to be the maiden of his home island. Unable to take up her duties, the pair set off to explore the archipelago, seeking help from other maidens so she can fulfil her role.

This setup allows for some slight twists to the formula. Combat is almost identical, but powerful synergy moves can be used when a maiden and her counterpart are in play. These cost a lot of gems to use, but are suitably strong as a result. Exploring the world is a little more structured; the open waters can feel big while you're sailing the hero's ship, but areas are gated off until you make progress through the story. The narrative is itself delivered differently, with each island and maiden offering their own tales within the wider storyline.

There are other small differences; some equipment is more readily available, you earn gold faster, and there are some fun presentational changes that occur alongside the story. The narrator is different, too, which is perhaps the most notable difference. All the subtle changes add up to an enjoyable, but ultimately very familiar RPG. If you enjoyed the first, this is more of that with some simple twists — a harmless, easy breezy RPG to chill out with.