The clever story-telling mechanics and challenging puzzles make this episode a solid entry in the season.

While the escapades of evil space gorilla Skunka'pe made for a solid return for crime-fighting duo Sam & Max, The Tomb Of Sammun-Mak really changes up the pace completely. Set in the past across a series of different cinema-reels, Episode 2 has you jumping across various points of history to find out exactly what happened to Sam & Max's distant relatives Sameth and Maximus.

The game really plays on the concept of time here, as you jump between different points in time to solve puzzles. Sameth and Maximus seek a mystical toy-box located in the legendary tomb of Sammun-Mak, and Sam & Max are piecing together their endeavours across a series of show-reels. This is where you come in - some puzzles can only be solved by achieving things in other show-reels. Thus, you're constantly jumping between the reels to complete the episode. It makes for some terribly challenging, but enjoyable puzzles. There are definitely plenty of "ahhhhhh" moments.

There's a really stand-out look to Sammun-Mak too. Because the game's set in the very early stages of the 1900's, everything's accompanied by a delicious film-grain effect and plenty of "ye olde" art design.

New mechanics include a ventriloquist dummy which literally allows you to put words into other people's mouths, but it often feels like an underused addition. The hook here is switching between the different show-reels.

Despite being a really solid episode, it's hard to see how Episode 2 will play into the season's fiction as a whole. While the opening and ending play neatly into previous (and presumably future) episodes, the whole thing does feel a bit like a filler. You could easily miss this episode and pick up the next without the story having developed much at all.


Still, it's a fun and clever episode when taken by itself, and by that margin it's worth playing.