PS5, PS4 Indie Sensation Dave the Diver Takes a Titillating Twist in NIKKE Crossover 1
Image: Push Square

Indie sensation Dave the Diver started selling sushi on PS5 and PS4 earlier this year, and now Stellar Blade developer Shift Up is plunging new depths with a NIKKE: Goddess of Victory event inspired by the iconic game. The minigame – set to be playable within the smartphone favourite from 4th July – will take a titillating twist, as you’ll be assuming the role of buxom beauties as opposed to, well, Dave.

The event – part of NIKKE’s big beach update – will come with a bunch of new unlockable swimsuit outfits, as well as various in-game rewards. Unfortunately, there’s still no word on the gacha game launching on PlayStation; when asked earlier in the year, the developer told us it has no plans to port the saucy release to Sony’s systems. A crossover event with Eve is on the cards, however.

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory is one of the biggest mobile games on the planet, regularly topping revenue charts and courting controversy due to its eye-popping character designs. Its plot, an otherwise rote “what it means to be human” tale, is surprisingly well written, however – and is much stronger than its art assets may lead you to believe.