Stellar Blade Dev Has No Plans to Port Saucy Shooter Goddess of Victory: NIKKE to PS5 1
Stellar Blade Dev Has No Plans to Port Saucy Shooter Goddess of Victory: NIKKE to PS5 2
I even found Dorothy from NIKKE randomly outside a boba shop earlier this week — Image: Push Square

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, the highly sexualised smartphone shooter from Korean developer Shift Up, is celebrating its first anniversary at the moment, which means it’s being promoted heavily all around the world. We figured, with the same studio also working on promising console exclusive Stellar Blade, we’d ask whether a PS5 port of the cover shooter is in the pipeline.

Unfortunately, despite the title launching on PC earlier this year, a spokesperson for the studio told us that there are currently “no plans” to bring the game to Sony’s systems. That’s surprising to us, as developers like HoYoverse have found significant success bringing mobile games like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail to consoles – and other developers are beginning to catch on.

While it’s mostly an idle game, Goddess of Victory: NIKKE has an arcade-style cover shooting component to it, where you control a team of well-endowed androids and must shoot down cyborg enemies using a variety of assault rifles, grenade launchers, and more. While the gameplay is quite simplistic – and can be automated – we imagine it would feel at home on console.

What’s more, it’s highly likely when Stellar Blade does release, there’ll be a crossover event in NIKKE to help promote the game. It’s possible Shift Up is just keeping its cards close to its chest for now, but it’s also feasible it doesn’t believe the idle gameplay will translate well to Sony’s systems. Would you be interested in playing this game on console? Dress down in the comments section below.