High-Quality Crossover Between PS5's Stellar Blade and NIKKE: Goddess of Victory Incoming 1
Image: Shift Up

The worlds of PS5’s hot new console exclusive Stellar Blade and gacha mobile sensation NIKKE: Goddess of Victory will collide in the near future. Director Hyung-Tae Kim already teased the possibility of a collaboration in an interview with Push Square earlier in the year, but now he’s confirmed to Gamer Braves that “a very high-quality crossover” will launch later down the line. He added: “It’s something you can definitely look forward to.”

Players of Shift Up’s saucy smartphone shooter were rewarded with 10 free gacha pulls to celebrate the launch of the Korean developer’s console debut last week, and our guess is that heroine Eve will eventually be added as a character to the smartphone shooter. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see costumes inspired by NIKKE characters like Rapi added to Eve’s wardrobe just to make the collaboration complete.

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