Stellar Blade PS5

Stellar Blade studio Shift Up has shared it estimates the PS5 exclusive has now sold more than one million units since its release in late April. The game has consistently ranked high in sales charts across the UK, USA, and Japan after the launch, which has resulted in today's milestone. In a press briefing, CFO Ahn Jae-woo said:

"Since its launch, it has ranked first in sales in major console markets such as the US and UK, and cumulative sales are estimated to have exceeded one million units." It was said the "first step as a large global IP was smooth" and that a PC version of Stellar Blade is now being considered.

So too is further DLC for the base game and a full sequel, both of which appeared as "under review" in a slide part of the presentation. Shift Up has spoken a lot about what's to come for the Stellar Blade with multiple new Outfits already added free of charge. A Photo Mode is also said to be in production along with a collaboration with the developer's previous title Nikke: Goddess of Victory.

An 8/10 rating was awarded in our Stellar Blade PS5 review upon its release, with praise shared for the monster design, combat system, and fantastic soundtrack. "A dire English dub and some trite story beats mean the studio still has plenty of room to refine its craft, but Eve’s inaugural outing is largely excellent across the board, and destined to become a firm favourite among PS5 enthusiasts."

Are you one of the more than one million PS5 owners with a copy of Stellar Blade to hand? Share your thoughts on the game a few months later in the comments below.