Stellar Blade Dev Currently Making Photo Mode for Hit PS5 Game 1

Stellar Blade is an outrageously beautiful game – and no, we’re not just referring to protagonist Eve and her many outfits. There are some artistically stunning moments throughout the campaign, and as is tradition for big PS5 titles, fans want to capture them all. Fortunately, developer Shift Up is busy beavering away on a Photo Mode, which will likely be the release’s next major addition following last week’s Boss Challenge update.

Director Kim Hyung-Tae told Japanese magazine Famitsu that his team is working at “full speed” on the feature, but it wants to exceed expectations with the addition. “Unfortunately, we can't deliver it right away, but we would like to implement it,” he said. “If we do implement it, we want to make it high quality, so we are currently working on it, so please wait a little while.”

Photo Modes have become increasingly popular in the past decade or so, with inFAMOUS: Second Son being the first major title to incorporate the feature. In practice, these modes allow you to freeze time, so that you can frame gameplay exactly how you want it. You can then add in various effects and filters to personalise your images.