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A constant piece of feedback we've seen from Helldivers 2 players is the state of the game's many weapons and stratagems, with some pieces of war gear falling behind others. Thankfully, developer Arrowhead has been listening and has issued a major patch, which, along with the release of the Viper Commandos Warbond, should make the weapons in democracy's arsenal much more effective.

As is customary, the full patch notes were posted to Steam, with a detailed rundown of each affected item, the dev's original intention, and how each is being brought into line with the game's many other pieces of kit. Following feedback, Arrowhead has gone the route of buffing weaker weaponry rather than nerfing gear that was outperforming, which is the right decision in our eyes.

In addition, Supply Lines and Attack Origins will now be visible on the Galactic War map, effectively actioning Super Earth's regular Major Orders much more efficiently. Rounding out the additions are a laundry of bug and crash fixes and the ability to create invite-only lobbies.

What do you think of this great levelling of the Helldivers 2 playing field? Are you into the direction Arrowhead is taking the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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