Summer Game Fest Push Square

It's almost that most magical time of the year again: Not-E3, the colloquially-known week the industry has organically hermit-crabbed inside of, now that the legendary video game consumer event is officially dead. It seems like it might be a slightly more muted affair this year at Summer Game Fest, in particular, with host and organiser Geoff Keighley attempting to set rampant expectations in check ahead of the show, scheduled for 7th June.

Keighley recently revealed that Kingdom Hearts IV would be a no-show and that, this year, SGF would focus on existing games rather than making massive announcements. In a live Twitch Q&A session over the weekend (thanks, IGN), Keighley also confirmed that GTA 6, perhaps the most eagerly anticipated game of all time, will not appear. Ken Levine's upcoming spiritual successor, Judas, will be staying home, having been shown to select outfits recently. Ubisoft's long-lost Beyond and Good and Evil 2 is apparently not ready to show either. Finally, fan-favourite creative Josef Fares, the developer behind It Takes Two and famous for his notorious onstage antics, will also not be storming the stage this year, it has been confirmed.

With that said, what are you hoping/expecting to see at Summer Game Fest? Has the hype train left the station, or have you learned to be more measured? Let us know in the comments section below.