Summer Game Fest 2024 Expectations
Image: Push Square

Just days ahead of the big Summer Game Fest showcase, organiser and host Geoff Keighley is attempting to set expectations. As we all know, people can get carried away when it comes to anticipated gaming events, and it's usually around this time when the speculation starts to peak — but Keighley's warning against going into this show expecting megaton announcement after megaton announcement.

"There will be, definitely, new announcements, but the show is largely focused on, I think, existing games that have new updates for fans," he said, during a recent question and answer session on Twitch (as transcribed by Rock Paper Shotgun).

"[The] Game Awards has a lot of usually big surprises — we're thankful for those — and big, new reveals. This [Summer Game Fest] is largely focused on announced stuff," Keighley continues. "There definitely are things that are being announced but this is not a show that has a lot of like 'coming in 2026' or '2027', or teasers for games that are years and years out. That's generally what I would say in terms of expectation setting," he explains.

While some people will no doubt be disappointed to hear this, we do think that, ultimately, setting these kinds of expectations is important. After all, we've just had a State of Play that went down like a lead balloon off the back of everyone hoping for a proper PlayStation Showcase. It's probably best to nip that sort of speculation in the bud before it spreads.

Still, there's no reason why Summer Game Fest can't be an enjoyable event, even without the megaton announcements that made E3 such a spectacle.

What are you hoping for from Summer Game Fest this week? Remain calm in the comments section below.