Credit where credit’s due: The Game Awards 2017 was genuinely good. There have been things to like about the show ever since Geoff Keighley went independent with it, but it finally felt like the event reached its full potential last night, with a good balance of entertainment, major reveals, and some lovely segments spotlighting big industry names like Carol Shaw and Andrew House.

But the biggest winner had to be Josef Fares, who blundered into Keighley’s interview booth screaming obscenities, before finally getting around to introducing A Way Out – his awesome looking co-op adventure game. Fares railed on pretty much everything, but he had a few choice words for the Oscars – as well as his publisher EA, who he was complimentary of in a backhanded way.

The real funny thing here is that an internal email leaked out of the publishing giant recently, in which the firm noted that Fares has a great personality but is prone to making controversial comments. Well, this clip will have been exactly what EA feared, but watching Keighley squirm as he goes wildly off-topic was well worth it. We should say there is a lot of bad language in the embedded clip, so you’ve been warned.