Keighley Sticks a Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 4 at Summer Game Fest Speculation 1
Image: Push Square

Unless he’s sneakily trying to throw fans off the scent, there’ll be no Kingdom Hearts 4 at this year’s Summer Game Fest event. Host and organiser Geoff Keighley said during a Twitch Q&A that “people are setting themselves up for failure” by expecting the next entry in the Square Enix and Disney crossover series, but he added “you guys can keep hoping”.

With both Final Fantasy 16 and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth now out of the way, it stands to reason that the Japanese publisher will turn its attention to Sora and crew next. Of course, there’ll be plenty of other opportunities for the firm to reveal the foray: D23, a Disney fan convention, is scheduled to get underway in August, for example.

Keighley did state later in his livestream that Summer Game Fest will largely feature updates to already announced games, although there will be a handful of new bits and pieces, too. The show itself will get underway from 2PM PDT / 5PM EDT / 10PM BST on Friday, 7th June. You can find more information through here.