Concord PS5, PC Has Six Action-Packed Modes at Launch 1

Concord, the divisive but potentially awesome PS5 and PC hero shooter from developer Firewalk, will cost just $40 at launch – a pretty fair price point when you consider it’s packing 16 characters, 12 maps, and six fully-fledged modes out of the box. But you may be curious what those modes entail? Fortunately, the PS Store has revealed all.

Here’s what you can expect to be doing in Concord on launch day:

Trophy Hunt
Work together as a team to find and collect tokens from fallen rival crew members. The crew with the most points wins the match.
Earn points as you and your crew take out rival freegunners each round. The crew with the most points wins.
Zone Control
Capture and control three zones on the map. The more zones your team controls, the more points you earn and the closer your crew gets to victory.
Find the selected zone on the map and defend it to claim victory – or eliminate the rival crew before they have the chance.
Signal Hunt
Work with others to find and control new zones on the map before time runs out.
Cargo Contract
Secure valuable cargo for pickup or intercept and eliminate the rival crew to bring home the victory.

Despite the unique names, many of these modes will be familiar to you, with Takedown effectively being Team Deathmatch, for example. The twist, of course, will be how Concord plays: this is a hero shooter, so each character will have unique abilities, so you’ll need to think about the composition of your crew in order to reach your maximum potential.

The beta’s set to go live in July, ahead of an August release date. Clearly said beta will be critical in communicating the merits of Concord’s gameplay, because thus far Firewalk has been fighting an uphill battle against a largely negative fan sentiment online.