Capcom’s knockout brawler Street Fighter 6 is getting some big balance changes alongside the release of Akuma on 22nd May. A brand-new trailer, embedded above, teases the tweaks, with the headline being a new wakeup Drive Reversal mechanic. This effectively gives you a new tool to counter combos, especially when you’re trapped in the corner of the screen.

The trailer goes on to demonstrate a lot of new combat options for practically the entire roster, although it’s probably safe to assume there’ll be nerfs to coincide with the buffs that appear to be on display. We’re going to go out on a limb and assume not everyone will be happy with the changes, especially if popular characters are getting dialled down, but we’ll need to await the reaction from the competitive community to know for sure.

The aforementioned release of Akuma will conclude the first season of content for the release, with a second season expected to be announced later in the summer.

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