Stellar Blade Dev Is Plotting Boss Rush Mode for PS5 Smash Hit 1

Stellar Blade’s boss battles are among its most memorable moments, so it’s perhaps no surprise to learn that developer Shift Up is plotting a kind of boss rush mode for its PS5 debut. Teased by director Hyung-Tae Kim in an interview with Korean publication Nate, he revealed that some kind of arcade-style back-to-back boss challenge option is currently in the early stages of production.

Considering how thoughtful the title’s New Game Plus mode is already, we’d expect some additional rewards to be made available for those with the skills to complete this feature, presumably in the form of fresh outfits and accessories. Kim added that the team hasn’t yet decided upon any other DLC content, but we know a crossover with gacha game NIKKE: Goddess of Victory is coming eventually.

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