Does Stellar Blade have New Game +? New Game + is a popular feature in games which allows you to replay their campaigns with many of your existing unlocks from a previous playthrough carrying across to a fresh one. Considering the nature of Shift Up's console debut, with its plentiful secrets and point of no return, you may be wondering: does it have New Game +? We're going to answer that question as part of our Stellar Blade guide.

Does Stellar Blade Have New Game +?

Stellar Blade added New Game + as part of its v1.002.000 update. You can check which version of the game you have installed by pushing Options on the game's tile from the PS5 home screen and selecting Information.

New Game + can be selected from the game's main menu once you have a completed save file. Here's the official information about what data gets carried across: "In New Game +, all your equipment, currency, items and records, character enhancements, drone upgrades, acquired skills, and owned SP that you have gained up until the previously completed game's progress will transfer to the next game. However, your game progress will reset and will not carry over."

In other words, upon starting New Game + you will have all of your gear and equipment, but you'll need to replay all of the levels as though you're starting the story afresh.

What Does New Game + Change?

New Game + adds quite a lot of additional content to Stellar Blade, including 34 additional Outfits. Many of these can be found and discovered in the same locations as the main game, as detailed in our Walkthrough, and we've documented all of them in our All Outfits and How to Get Them page.

You can also discover Mk2 versions of Eve's unlockable Exospines, which come with greater combat buffs, as well as new Beta Cores and Body Cores which further enhance the character's combat capabilities.

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