Sony Wants Non-PS5 Owners to Use Its Accessories 1
Image: Push Square

While it’s generally been a smaller story within the overall PlayStation narrative this generation, there’s no doubt Sony has quietly increased its focus on accessories for the PS5. The mix of products available is really good, spanning the official pro controller DualSense Edge, the streaming handheld PS Portal, and various high-quality headphones and ear buds.

It’s an area that, during its business segment meeting overnight, the platform holder referred to. It demonstrated how it’s expanding engagement through products like PSVR2 and PS Portal, while also offering personalisation with different coloured controllers and console covers. But one interesting tidbit it noted is how it hopes to introduce non-PS5 players to the brand through accessories.

The example it shows is a DualSense being used to play games via Remote Play on a PC, but we also know it plans to expand PSVR2 support to new devices as well, as evidenced by an adapter uncovered in Korea earlier this week. It’ll be interesting to see exactly what future accessories it’s got planned, and how exactly it intends to sell hardware to people who don’t even own a PS5.