PSVR2's Anticipated PC Adaptor Appears Imminent 1
Image: Push Square

Sony said a little while back that it was exploring ways to expand PSVR2’s compatibility with PC, and it looks like it may be nearing a solution. An eagle-eyed user on social media site Twitter (or X, depending on which name you prefer) noticed that in Korea, the Japanese giant has submitted certification for an adaptor accessory, which will presumably make the headset compatible with a spectrum of hardware configurations.

While software support has been plentiful from third-party devs and indies, the hardware maker hasn’t exactly been forthcoming when it comes to exclusive software for PSVR2, with Horizon Call of the Mountain and updates for titles like Gran Turismo 7 being the only real notable examples. With the aforementioned PC compatibility, the firm is clearly exploring alternative ways of flogging the format – or at least giving existing owners a reason to plug their headsets in.

We assume this adaptor will be sold separately, and it’ll likely involve a degree of tinkering to get working properly. Still, if this ends up the only means of playing Half-Life: Alyx with PSVR2, so be it.

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