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The Finals, the fast-paced free-to-play shooter shadow dropped back in December, initially drew huge crowds, but retention has waned. Publisher Nexon just reported substantial revenues across the board, partially offset by the "lower-than-expected" performance of the live service punt.

In Nexon's Q1 2024 earnings letter (thanks, Insider Gaming), the company repeatedly points to The Finals performance as a problem, allowing that the title did help push consolidated MAUs up. The publisher notes that the launch of Season 2 in March "created a short-lived increase in player metrics" but ultimately failed to hit internal retention and revenue milestones. It notes that developer Embark is working with the company's Korea-based Live Operations team to "understand and address the key issues" that led to the game's underwhelming performance.

The firm expects growth from the game and notes that Season 3 will go live in June. Initially scoring praise from fans and critics, The Finals quickly developed a cheating problem, which Embark has been battling to combat ever since.

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