Genshin Impact PS5, PS4 Promises Huge Improvement as Battle with Wuthering Waves Looms 1
Image: Push Square

Apparently all it took was the mere sniff of a rival to prompt HoYoverse into action, as it’s announced a pretty seismic change for Genshin Impact on the eve of Wuthering Waves’ release. The Chinese developer has announced that alongside the launch of v4.7 next month, it’ll increase the game’s daily Resin allowance up to 200, from the previous allocation of 160.

For those who don’t play, Resin is an in-game currency which is designed to promote player retention. Effectively, you need to spend the resource to earn valuable materials, like Artifacts and Ascension items. But, because these are finite, you either need to wait for the currency to recharge – or exchange other valuable commodities like Primogems to restock it.

While the increase isn’t enormous – and there’s no word of an overflow system like in Honkai: Star Rail – it will allow players to complete more activities per cycle than they can currently. The timing feels particularly interesting, with Wuthering Waves looming and likely to steal some players away from HoYoverse’s hit if it sticks its landing.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been asking can you play Wuthering Waves on PS5 and PS4, the answer right now is no – but at least you’ll have this increased Resin cap to look forward to.