Stellar Blade Content for NIKKE Could Be Revealed During This Livestream 1
Image: Push Square

The next couple of weeks will be absolutely enormous for Korean developer Shift Up. Not only will it release its console debut Stellar Blade on 26th April, but it’ll also host a livestream for its uber-successful smartphone title NIKKE: Goddess of Victory a few days prior. The 1.5 Anniversary Special broadcast will air on 20th April, and is likely to represent a big milestone moment for the gacha.

Typically, developers use these anniversaries to lure in new and lapsed players, by offering generous rewards and big in-game events. We know that Shift Up is considering crossover content with Stellar Blade, and the timing would presumably make this the optimal moment for it to reveal its plans. Nothing has been announced at this stage, but earlier in the year the developer told us it’s working diligently on plans for some kind of crossover content.

“If that’s what the users want then we can do anything that will please them,” director Hyung-Tae Kim told us in an interview earlier in the year. “We’re currently just discussing how we can do this in order to maximise the attractiveness of the event. We’re also considering how we can maximise the synergy between the two titles.”