Stellar Blade Dev Considering Crossover Content with Saucy Shooter NIKKE 1
Image: Push Square

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory, Korean developer Shift Up’s saucy gacha shooter, is one of the biggest mobile games on the planet, raking in upwards of $25 million per month according to Sensor Tower data. It’s always felt inevitable, then, that the studio will draw upon the game’s enormous audience to promote upcoming PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade – and quizzed on whether that’ll be the case, Game Director Hyung-Tae Kim cryptically confirmed in an interview with Push Square that it will.

“Yes, of course, if that’s what the users want then we can do anything that will please them,” he admitted. “We’re currently just discussing how we can do this in order to maximise the attractiveness of the event. We’re also considering how we can maximise the synergy between the two titles.”

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Our guess is that Eve will appear in a future NIKKE: Goddess of Victory banner, allowing fans to add her to their fleet of buxom battle babes. We also wouldn’t be surprised if there are some outfits in Stellar Blade based on the more popular NIKKEs, like Rapi, Dorothy, and Privaty. All will be revealed closer to the PS5 title’s launch later this year, we suspect.