Imagine Earth, a city building strategy title that launched a few years back on PC and Xbox, is making the jump to PS5 and PS4 on the 9th May. The game takes place in 2084, and tasks you with creating sustainable civilisation on various alien planets, following on from the greed-driven ruin of humanity's original home. We think developer Serious Bros. is trying to tell us something...

"Corporate greed isn’t the only threat players face in Imagine Earth, though, as failure to balance expansion and ecology could result in climate disaster," reads the press release.

It continues: "With real-time planetary simulation, players can see the consequences of their own exploitative actions, as natural disasters — including wildfires, volcanoes, dying forests, radioactive contamination, pollution, and rising sea levels — see less sustainable civilizations (literally) go under, and citizens rallying and rioting against poor living conditions."

We must admit, it sounds like an intriguing premise for a building and management sim. Imagine Earth's also got a story-based campaign, a "competition mode" which pits you against AI factions, and a freeform mode that provides procedurally generated planets. There should be plenty to do, then.

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