Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's PS5 Graphics Enhanced, Here Are the Patch Notes 1

A new PS5 patch is available now for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth which makes further improvements to the title’s presentation. Despite being critically acclaimed, many have been disappointed with the quality of the sequel’s visuals – especially in Performance Mode, which targets 60 frames-per-second. In addition to improving the graphics, the update adds a ‘Sharp’ and ‘Soft’ filter, allowing you to finetune the title’s looks.

Here are all the patch notes, as provided by publisher Square Enix:

  • Fixed typos and omissions in some text.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred on the map under certain conditions when controlling a character.
  • Fixed a bug in battle in which Red XIII’s abilities “Lunatic High” and “Watcher’s Spirit” could be easily cancelled.
  • Fixed a bug in battle in which enemies would stop moving under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a progress bug that occurred during quests under certain conditions.
  • Improved frame rate and overall game stability.
  • Added “Sharp” and “Soft” options to the Performance Mode display settings.
  • Improved the graphics quality.
  • The camera’s reverse setting is now applied when controlling a gliding Chocobo.
  • The camera’s reverse setting is now applied to the sharpshooting mini-game camera.
  • Enhanced guidance support while climbing the ivy in the “Mythril Mine” location.
  • Added difficulty settings to the customization screens for the mini-games “Fort Condor” and “Gears and Gambits”.

As you can see, the graphics aren’t the only element improved here, as the organisation has also made some adjustments to the outing’s text and resolved several bugs. We suspect many of you are deep into your adventures right now, but you’ll want to install this patch pronto to improve your overall experience. How do you feel about the graphics? Let us know in the comments section below.

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