PS5 Exclusive Stellar Blade Will Feature a Trio of Graphics Options 1

Something that's come to define PS5 games throughout the console's lifespan is more choice with regards to visual and performance options. Where we used to simply have to put up with whatever resolution and frame rate a game had by default, nowadays, a lot of major titles will have at least two variations. It seems Stellar Blade will be no different, allowing players to decide how the game looks and runs using a trio of options.

The PS5 exclusive, being developed by South Korean team Shift Up, will have three visual modes for users to choose from. The news comes via an interview (translated by Genki) in which technical director Dong-Gi Lee explained what each option offers.

Firstly, there's a performance mode that runs the game at a smooth 60 frames-per-second. Then there's a resolution mode, reducing the frame rate in favour of a 4K resolution. Finally, a balanced mode splits the difference, finding a happy medium between the other modes.

It's not made clear what the balanced mode will be like precisely, but it's at least good to have a selection of choices so you can play the way you want. For a fast-paced action game like this, we imagine the performance mode will be the way to go, but again, it's always good to have more options.

Are you excited for Stellar Blade on PS5? Which graphics mode will you use? Discuss in the comments section below.

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