Helldivers 2's planned embarkation date of 8th February is fast approaching, with millions (probably) of PlayStation players preparing to put boots on the ground on some of the most inhospitable planets in the galaxy. Any true patriot of Super Earth knows the worth of investing in one's own wargear, which is where Warbonds come into play! Thankfully, developer Arrowhead Game Studios has given us a stirring piece of propaganda today, showing off the Steel Veterans pack.

Warbonds are Arrowhead's take on the monetisation at the heart of a service game like Helldivers 2. The developer stresses that, as gamers themselves, they wanted this aspect to be as painless as possible. A Warbond, essentially, gives players access to multiple pages of cosmetic unlockables using Super Credits. Super Credits can be purchased with real money or unlocked in-game by exploring points of interest.

Once you own a Warbond, you'll have to use Medals earned on the battlefield to utilise the corresponding piece of kit. Again, Arrowhead stresses this is not a pay-to-win, FOMO thing; Warbonds will never be retired as newer ones are released, and you can complete them at your leisure.

What do you think of Helldivers 2's take on in-game monetisation? Wimonetisationur part to support the intergalactic war effort by purchasing Warbonds? Form an orderly queue in front of the recruitment desk in the comments section below.

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