If you've been waiting for more information about Helldivers 2, you'll want to give the above video a watch. The co-op shooter is very nearly here, and developer Arrowhead has divulged some more details about the game's general structure, progression, and more.

To summarise: you'll go out on Operations in order to fight back against the bug-like Termininds or the mechanical Automatons. These Operations comprise a handful of missions, with a variety of objectives like destroying enemy nests or securing important data. Your exploits will contribute to the overall Galactic War effort — an evolving, community-wide goal to eradicate the enemy. These are the game's major orders but you'll also have personal orders — additional smaller objectives that'll reward you for putting in the extra effort to complete them.

You pick and choose your missions from the spaceship hub, which itself can be upgraded over time. Doing so enables you to expand and upgrade your arsenal. Additionally, you'll need to earn medals to gain currency with which to buy new armour, primary weapons, and so on.

Arrowhead also teases it'll be keeping an eye on how everyone is playing the game, and will make live changes accordingly, which sounds pretty cool to us. Overall the game seems like it has quite a lot of systems, but nothing too complicated. We're very curious to put it through its paces when the time comes on 8th February.

There's a little more information on the PS Blog too, if you're interested. Are you excited for Helldivers 2? Exit cryosleep in the comments section below.

[source youtube.com, via blog.playstation.com]