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Sea of Stars was a breakout success story from last year, with the nostalgic Kickstarter project surpassing an astonishing 4 million players across all platforms. We already knew more surreal JRPG action was coming, but the "mysterious and wacky DLC" offering has passed an important development milestone.

Confirming the happy news on Twitter, the developer shared a picture of the team and announced the project had graduated from pre-production and is now in full development. The Sabobo Summit, the majestic name given to a gathering of Sabotage Studio employees, was where the direction of the DLC was first pitched and where the "vision" for the third game solidified.

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Little else is known about Sabotage Studios' future plans. The developer's first game, retro platformer The Messenger, launched in 2018 and is a prequel to Sea of Stars (albeit distantly), so presumably, the third game will serve as an epilogue. The Messenger itself received some high-quality post-launch support in the form of Picnic Panic, so here's hoping history repeats itself and we learn more in the coming months.

Would you be glad to see more Sea of Stars? Would you prefer something standalone or an expansion of what already exists? Dream big dreams in the comments section below.