Sea of Stars

The wonderful Sea of Stars has been a hit for developer Sabotage. It sold 100,000 copies on day one despite being available on PS Plus Extra and Game Pass, and the critical reception has been incredibly positive. While many of you will still be meandering through Zale and Valere's adventure, work has already started on what's next for the Solstice Warriors.

Yes, DLC for Sea of Stars is currently in development. Speaking to Radio Canada recently, the game's director, Thierry Boulanger, confirmed the detail. He explained that the team has been split in two — some are looking into the studio's third game, while others have started work on a DLC add-on for the RPG.

The DLC was actually a Kickstarter stretch goal, so it was always part of the plan to develop a follow-up chapter. It'll be named 'Throes of the Watchmaker', and will apparently form narrative links between Sea of Stars and Sabotage's first game, The Messenger, which takes place thousands of years later in the same setting. It'll be interesting to see how the DLC bridges the gap; without spoiling things, there are already several things that tie the two games together, but it sounds like this will go a step further.

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