Stellar Blade PS5 Dev Shift Up Allegedly Signs on As Sony Second-Party 1

Emerging Korean developer Shift Up, the creator of horny mobile hit Goddess of Victory: NIKKE and the upcoming PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade, has allegedly signed a contract to become one of Sony’s second-party partners – although it’s unclear what this actually entails. The relationship, revealed by a translated GameChosun article, suggests a contract between the studio and platform holder was signed earlier this month.

PlayStation snapped up publishing rights to the team’s console debut last year, when a new trailer for the formerly multiformat Project Eve debuted, with the fresh name Stellar Blade attached. Officially, the game’s due out this year, but as we close on 2024, it’s looking borderline impossible it’ll meet that target. The article claims that more information about the title, including an updated release schedule, will be announced in the near future.

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We’ll reach out to both Sony and Shift Up in an effort to understand exactly what this alleged second-party relationship looks like. PlayStation has, in the past, signed multi-game publishing deals with independent studios like Quantic Dream, so it’s possible it may have something similar in mind here. Either way, it’s interesting to see the platform holder look outside of the typical countries for new partners; it’s also signing plenty of exclusivity deals with Chinese developers these days, for example.

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