PS5 Push Square

The patch notes for today's PS5 firmware update will only tell you to expect improved system performance, but another — more secret — tweak has also been made to Sony's consoles in the last day or so, and it concerns the updated PS5 model. Either place your PS5 in Rest Mode or begin the process to switch it off entirely and you might notice it: the shut-down screen has been updated so it only features PS5 lighting, scrapping the panels on the side.

YouTube user The Dance Bunny captured the change on video, and we can confirm our own PS5's are displaying the new video too. As the side panels of the new PS5 model are slightly different to the first machine, the animation has been updated so it can apply to both of them, amplifying the bright lights in the process. A very small change, but one all the same you can see in the capture below.

There may be other minor visual updates and text changes elsewhere in the UI that accommodate the new PS5 model, but as the slimmer version isn't packing any extra power or features, there's no upgrading for owners of the base model to do. Had you already spotted this change? Let us know in the comments below.

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