As the PS5 redesign, already colloquially known as Slim, started to proliferate through the supply chain, it was only a matter of time before one would be seized and torn asunder. Content creators have been given units, and we can finally get a good look at PlayStation's latest gadget, which, on the surface, doesn't look that much smaller than the base model as anticipated.

Dave2D pried the thing apart and learned several mildly exciting pieces of information about the hardware, which is due to launch first in the US in November before rolling out to the rest of the world. First, the top panels are rendered in glossy white plastic, while the bottom half remains the same matte plastic as the original model.

The Slim or "Thin" does weigh less than the base PS5 "Thicc", with the disc drive version of both coming in at 3.9 to 3.2 kg, respectively; Digital-only consoles weigh less again, at 3.4 to 2.6 kg. Dave found the horizontal "feet" for the unit to be underwhelming and determined that the machine likely operates on the same chip, as power consumption was found to be virtually the same across both through testing.

PS5 Model Comparison
Image: Dave2D

What do you think of the comparative sizes of our two PS5 SKUs? Is the size differential as large as you expected? Take out the measuring tape in the comments section below.

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