You'll Need an Internet Connection to Pair PS5 Slim's Optional Blu-ray Drive 1
Image: Push Square

Sony will introduce a new PS5 model imminently, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 bundles are already being spotted in the wild. Along with photographs of the revised box art comes confirmation of a potential controversial tidbit: an Internet connection will be required to pair the optional Blu-ray disc drive with your console.

Presumably, this is an enforced security check by the Japanese giant to ensure you’re using an official Blu-ray disc drive and not a third-party one. However, it does raise potential preservation concerns: hypothetically, in the far distant future, if the platform holder were to shut down its servers, then it’d be impossible to pair a replacement Blu-ray disc drive with a console.

Now, this isn’t worth panicking about just yet, as it’s unlikely the manufacturer will be shutting down any servers in the near future. And, if such a situation should occur, it could always release a firmware update to remove the online authentication. It’s something you should be aware of if you’re planning to purchase the new PS5, though, as you will need an Internet connection to get it setup properly.

Remember, the Blu-ray disc drive is optional here, although some console bundles will include it in the box. The idea is that those who purchase a Digital Edition system moving forwards will have the option to pick up a Blu-ray disc drive later, adding more flexibility – while also streamlining the platform holder’s manufacturing pipeline.