The First Photos of the PS5 Slim Are Circulating Online 1
Image: ZubyTech

Colloquially (but technically not officially) known as the PS5 Slim, here’s your first photographic proof that the new console model is smaller than its predecessor. As the revised unit begins to proliferate throughout the retail chain, consumers are getting their mitts on the console, leading to comparison photos like this.

Unfortunately, the user in question here is using custom face plates, so it’s hard to really appreciate the difference in size. But clearly the new PS5 is shorter and thinner than its predecessor, without sacrificing any of its functionality. Remember, the disc drive is technically an optional add-on, although it will come bundled with some units.

Personally, we think the dinkier scale looks great, although we’re still eager to put the unit through its paces and test whether it has any heat or operation noise issues. If you already own a PS5, it’s probably not worth upgrading for this new version, but seeing as it will become the standard moving forward, you’re going to start seeing it in stores very soon.