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Baldur's Gate 3 is many things to many people. Still, one thing it lacks is a truly sadistic permadeath mode where a party wipe, instead of maybe losing an hour or so of combat time, nukes your save entirely and deletes your character permanently. HowLongtoBeat suggests a Main Story run alone would take over 55 hours, which is quite a long time to dance on a blade's edge.

That's right, if you thought the bear stuff was out there, wait until you get a load of Larian Studio's depraved Honour Mode, which, according to an updated achievement on retro PC platform GOG, could be coming to the game sooner rather than later. Redditor Scornz, who had already gotten every achievement in Baldur's Gate 3, noticed they no longer had 100% completion and discovered a new challenge had been added, one called "Foehammer", which required completing the game in Honour mode.

Honour Mode is a difficulty option pulled straight out of Larian's previous (excellent) Divinity: Original Sin series, which, as previously described, limits players to a single, constantly updated autosave, which self-destructs if the party ever wipes. Honour Mode also locks the game to Tactician difficulty, the game's hardest, and beating the game in such a manner was a requirement for the Platinum trophy in Divinity: Original Sin 2, a gong this humble scribe took great personal satisfaction in dinging.

Baldur's Gate 3, however, is a different beast entirely. It's a far bigger game, for starters, full of tough fights, traps, and situations that can turn sideways with a single bad roll of the dice. We can't wait to dive in and will keep an eye out for confirmation. At the time of this writing, a comparable "Foehammer" Trophy has not graced the game's PSN list.

What do you think of Honour Mode, and would you be game to try it? Subject yourself to true punishment in the comments section below.

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