Baldur's Gate 3 South Park
Image: South Park Studios

As further proof that epic RPG Baldur's Gate 3 has truly broken into the mainstream, Larian's latest was featured in the most recent episode of South Park, entitled "South Park: Joining the Panderverse".

In the episode, Cartman, living in an alternate reality (and played by Janeisha Adams-Ginyard), is fearful of losing more than 50 hours of BG3 progress and asks, "Do save games not cross multiple universes?" to which Stan replies: "Save games don't even cross between PCs and PS5s – why would they cross between multiple universes?"

Larian's social team was quick to set the record straight, as PC and PS5 cross-save functionality does indeed function in Baldur's Gate 3, though sadly, cross-multiverse functionality is not available at this time. You can check out the clip in question below:

Did you catch the episode in its entirety? Are you still as surprised as we are that Baldur's Gate broke through in the way that it did? Exceed our expectations in the comments section below.

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