Being a spinoff of the almost unimpeachable Persona 5 Royal, specifically, it was only a matter of time before developer Atlus and publisher SEGA would unveil the inevitable onslaught of premium DLC. In a Japanese trailer, we learn that Kasumi Yoshizawa, a new companion added in Royal, will be coming to Tactica as premium content purchasable on launch day.

That Royal released on PS5 at full price, with no upgrade path for PS4 players, remains an insult to fans and the game itself, which otherwise is one of the very best JRPGs ever made. It's an unfortunate aspect of the otherwise excellent franchise, made worse by our lack of self-control; we will likely pay roughly $11, or £9, for the "Repaint Your Heart" DLC when Tactica launches later this week, on 16th November. While we don't have to like the corporate decisions made around the series, it doesn't change the simple fact that Kasumi is best girl.

How strong are your convictions? Will you pick up Persona 5 Tactica's premium DLC, "Repaint Your Heart", on launch day? Face your true self in the comments section below.